Avenue II

Total Inclusion Through People
Our mission guides everyone at Avenue II towards the common goal of having ALL PEOPLE included in the community.

The strength of Canada as a society is founded in the belief that members of all groups, whether these are ethnic, gender, regional, religious, aboriginal or disabled, have a positive contribution to make towards the advancement of Canadian society.

Their contribution can only be effective if they have the opportunity to be included in the mainstream of society. Avenue II supports and applauds this vision of Canada. It is our belief that it is a right of all, not a privilege, to be an active member of the community. No person should be excluded from participation in any activity regardless of ability. As an organization, and as individuals, we learn from the people we support about quality of life, courage, and the adaptiveness of people to find a common bond.

Our goal at Avenue II is to act as connectors. We connect the community to people with developmental disabilities. It is through Avenue II's efforts that people will become enlightened and excited by the valuable contributions people make to the Community.

It is through the effort of people that we achieve our mission of total inclusion. Therefore, Total Inclusion Through People, identifies and defines our mission, today, tomorrow and over the coming years.


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